Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Course Update

Even though we could not keep to the schedule that we wanted to because of rain in the forecast we were still able to get the greens aerified.  We started aerifying the back 9 on Monday April 14th because the forecast for Tuesday was not looking good.  Like always we started with getting the greens verti-cutted.  You can see in the picture above the amount of material that we removed.  After that we blow off the debris and get ready for punching holes.
Here we are aerifying a green.  The USGA recommends removing about 20% organic material a year.  With this aerification we are doing about 6.5%.  Through other aerifications, verticutting and topdressing we will get close to this target percentage. 
At the end of last week we were able to get the new tee on 14 its first cut.  The sod has taken root and we have been topdressing the seems and low areas.  This tee will open up on Saturday April 26th.  The height will be still higher than our normal tees but with all the events coming up lets try it out.
The exterior improvements to the clubhouse started on Monday April 21st.  New siding and fencing is being installed around the entire building.

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