Saturday, March 29, 2014

Update on Course Projects

Since the grasses behind 13 tee are starting to get out of hand we decided to dig them up and go in another direction.  We enlarged the bed and got rid of the strip of grass next to the cartpath, hauled in about 6 loads of dirt and created a slight crown.  Next we are going to install 15 red twig dogwoods and then finish it off with a fresh layer of mulch.
Earlier in the week you may have noticed this outside the pump station.  Over the last few years we have getting some holes rusting through the metal plumbing lines.  The only way to solve this is to remove the bad metal piping and replace it.
Last Saturday the contractor completed welding up the new lines.  In the middle of the picture is where the old pressure tank was.  Since the pressure tank is not really needed we went ahead and eliminated it.  Now the pump station is ready for the 2014 season.  This past Monday the 24th the irrigation system was filled and pressurized.
One of the projects that was put on hold at the end of last year was the renvoation of the 14th tee and with the winter we had it was probably a good idea.  On Tuesday the 25th before the snow was to arrive we started to dig out the irrigation heads, yardage markers and stairs so we could be ready for the contractor to start on Wednesday.  Once again when we thought we were done with winter this happened .........................
More snow!!!
As you can see the snow did not stop us from getting this project moving.  On Wednesday we removed all the snow from the tee before the contractor stipped the sod to get to dirt.
Here is the first dirt being moved later in the day on Wednesday.
Here you can see the grade of the tee box coming together.  The contractor is using his laser box blade to create a level surface that will have a 1% slope from the back to the front and the left to the right to aid with drainage.  Once  this is complete he will start to dig out the cavity that will hold the tee mix and then we will install irrigation and then sod will be laid over the entire tee.  We will have one large tee when this is finished nearly 2.5 times the amount of teeing space we had before. 
When the snow melted and the rain moving in Friday the 28th we had to sift gears away from the tee on 14 and get our spring annuals planted at the clubhouse.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What a Week!

At this point I think everyone is done with winter and can't wait to see it go away.  Once again our area gets hit with more snow but the good news is the forecast for the weekend on Saturday looks promising.

It is hard to believe that the week started out with about 8 inches of snow falling on Monday.

Between the wind last week and the snow a section of our range net started to tear and rip away from the top guide wire because our netting is getting old and is dry rotting as every year goes by.  Just add another thing to the list to get fixed.

On Thursday we got the lift in and went to work repairing the netting before we got back opened.  We did replace 6 sections of netting back in 2008 but as you can see we need really all of the netting replaced.

Getting ready for our first member event of the year on Saturday March 22nd.  We have all the hazards marked and even though the grass is still not doing much the greens were rolled out, bunkers raked and we are still picking up debris.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Course Update!

The new tee markers have arrived.  We have already placed the
new logoed tee markers on the course and they look fantastic.

This is what a winter can do to your equipment.  Here you can see the 1/4 metal that broke in
half pushing all of the heavy wet snow that we have had this year.  Luckily it happened between
storms and we still were able to use our tractor that we got last season to help with clearing snow.
At the end of last month we were able to get our tree company out on the course between snow events and chip up all of the debris.  Most of the storm damaged trees were addressed as well but there is still a few left that need attention. Please remember that we have placed yellow caution tape around the trunks so please be careful around these trees.

Over the last 4 days I had a chance to attend Billy Casper's Regional Meeting at Seatrail Resort in Sunset Beach North Carolina.  It was a great time seeing allof the fellow Superintendents and General Managers at other facilities.We also were in the presence of Billy Casper himself.  Here he was with Regional Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast division Joel Gohlmann.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Not the way we wanted to start out in March!

This is not the way we wanted to start out in March.  It looks like we are forecasted to receive 8 to 12 inches of snow on Monday March 3.  Hopefully you were not like me and put away your snow blower at home.  If you were now is the time to get it back out and fueled up so you are ready to go.