Friday, March 21, 2014

What a Week!

At this point I think everyone is done with winter and can't wait to see it go away.  Once again our area gets hit with more snow but the good news is the forecast for the weekend on Saturday looks promising.

It is hard to believe that the week started out with about 8 inches of snow falling on Monday.

Between the wind last week and the snow a section of our range net started to tear and rip away from the top guide wire because our netting is getting old and is dry rotting as every year goes by.  Just add another thing to the list to get fixed.

On Thursday we got the lift in and went to work repairing the netting before we got back opened.  We did replace 6 sections of netting back in 2008 but as you can see we need really all of the netting replaced.

Getting ready for our first member event of the year on Saturday March 22nd.  We have all the hazards marked and even though the grass is still not doing much the greens were rolled out, bunkers raked and we are still picking up debris.

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