Friday, March 14, 2014

Course Update!

The new tee markers have arrived.  We have already placed the
new logoed tee markers on the course and they look fantastic.

This is what a winter can do to your equipment.  Here you can see the 1/4 metal that broke in
half pushing all of the heavy wet snow that we have had this year.  Luckily it happened between
storms and we still were able to use our tractor that we got last season to help with clearing snow.
At the end of last month we were able to get our tree company out on the course between snow events and chip up all of the debris.  Most of the storm damaged trees were addressed as well but there is still a few left that need attention. Please remember that we have placed yellow caution tape around the trunks so please be careful around these trees.

Over the last 4 days I had a chance to attend Billy Casper's Regional Meeting at Seatrail Resort in Sunset Beach North Carolina.  It was a great time seeing allof the fellow Superintendents and General Managers at other facilities.We also were in the presence of Billy Casper himself.  Here he was with Regional Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast division Joel Gohlmann.

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