Thursday, January 22, 2015

Course Update

Over the past few weeks during times of heavy frost or really cold days we needed to change direction since the weather would not allow us to continue to keep working on the filling the holes where the trees were removed.   A project that needed some much attention was the pond banks.  We started to clean up all the tangled blackberry that surrounds the small pond on hole 10 and to the left of the 18th tee.
We were able to pick back up this past week once the snow melted that hung around for about two weeks and get back to clearing.  We have made a lot of headway and pretty much have everything knocked back and ready to be chipped up.  After chipping everything we will rake up the leaves and prep the slopes to prepare for seed.  Once we get into spring the plan will be to apply some post emergent herbicides and keep the blackberry from coming back giving us a pleasant sight line around the ponds.
Here is a picture from yesterday when the snow started to fall.  We measured about 3 inches of snow and by the looks of the forecast maybe more will be coming next week.

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