Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A look behind the setup of the fireworks!

Here you can see the technician dropping the shell into the tube.  The biggest shell we shoot off is 4 inches, this one looks about 3 inches.  The tubes are made to unwind like a toilet paper roll if the shell happens to explode inside the tube so there is not debris that blows up like a pipe bomb.
Here is the setup for the grand finale.  All of these tubes will have fireworks loaded into them.  Each section has about 10 fireworks that are strung together so they light off quickly one after another.
Here is a overall picture of almost the entire show being setup.  The gentleman in the background next to the cart path is getting the fireworks ready that shoot off rapidly about 50 feet into the air. 
Here are the fireworks being loaded into the tubes.  Each one is placed in a tube with the fuse out and are all ignited by hand.
Here they are getting everything setup.

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