Friday, August 8, 2014

Course Update

A new fixture has been placed at the stairs by the green on hole 13.  A very generous member brought this to be mounted to let everyone know when the green is clear and they can hit up.  Mr. Pellerite, first off Thank You Very Much.  But I do have one question, I just have to know how long did you sit in front of your computer searching for this perfect bell.
This last project is finally underway at the cart storage building.  Here is a picture of what is left after the old wooden fence has been removed.  The old wooden fence is being replaced with a new vinyl tan fence that will give our curb appeal a big lift.


Wow! What a difference a new fence can make.  Now we just have to hope that the cart staff can keep from hitting it with the golf carts as they are cleaning up the carts.

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