Thursday, August 21, 2014

Greens Aerification Update

This week we have completed our second aerification to all of the greens.  The weather also held up well for us with some cloud cover that keeps the stress levels of this operation minimal.  We started on Monday August 18th and went ahead and completed the practice green to get that one out of the way and to give the new guys a chance to see what this operation is all about.   We also used a smaller hole or tine size this time on all the greens which will help with the healing process.  Even though every Superintendent has different methods they use during aerification and constraints here is a brief list of the different steps we perform during our aerification. 
 1. We apply a granular fertilizer about 5days prior to aerification to get the grass growing.
 2. We spray the greens four days prior with plant protectants, bio-stimulants and wetting agents. 

 3. We mow the green to get the dew off so it helps with drying the surface.
 4. The aerifier starts to aerify the green.
 5. Cores are cleaned off with blowers and picked up.
 6. The greens are rolled.
 7. Topdressing sand is applied to fill the holes and smooth our the surface.
 8. The topdressing sand is dragged in using a brush towed behind a cart.
 9. Calcium and magnesium amendments are applied.
10. Green is watered.
11. A new pin location is cut ready for play the next day.
 Below is a brief video that explains why we need to aerate.

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