Friday, June 20, 2014

Course Update

The new tee on 14 has started to develop some black layer in the sod line.  This is limiting air into the root zone and some decline has already started to show in the roots with some yellowing of the turf.  You can notice the red arrow pointing to the black layer just below the sod but the tee mix we used is untouched.  The sandy soil that came with the sod has started to seal off the oxygen to the roots.  To cover all the basis with recovery of we started to aerify the tee box this past Monday and then followed this with some plant protectants to help keep the roots free of any soil diseases like summer patch which bluegrass loves to get when it gets hot.

We stared to aerify the new tee on 14 Monday June 16th after last weeks excessive rain to allow for some air movement into the root zone.  We did it again on Wednesday with some larger solid tines to really get some air in there.  Now we just need to get the air to blow back there and keep it dry.
Here is one of those things that we sometimes just find on the course first thing in the morning.  On Friday June 20th we were making our rounds checking things out when we found this pine tree that had fallen between the 5th and 15th tees.  It looks like the wind just blew it over.  Looking a little closer at the trunk which seemed to be rotten finally gave away and succumbed to mother nature.  After the guys finished bunkers we got right out and cleaned up the debris.
The front entrance work has started.  A stone veneer product is being installed about waist high to the left and right of the front door.  Once this is complete the siding workers will come back and finish installing the siding and trim at the front entrance.

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